TPR x INF DEF Tote bag by Vanessa Crofskey

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TPR x INF DEF Tote bag by Vanessa Crofskey

⁣To celebrate the return of our library we have partnered with Infinite Definite to launch three limited edition tote bags. Each tote edition features a quote from past issues of our publication HAMSTER Magazine.

The quote on this tote edition is from “Digital Cities” by Vanessa Crofskey that was in HAMSTER Magazine Issue 5. On a grey Christchurch afternoon in 2019, Vanessa Crofskey had joined the Physics Room staff in our Montreal St office to prepare for a performance and workshop as part of her residency for HAMSTER Magazine Issue 5. She set to work with a vivid, some A4 printer paper, and a laugh as they prepared for a performance at the crosswalk below. She planned to moonlight as an office-worker—hot-desking on the street corner—with various signs arranged around her, all inviting strangers to strike up a conversation. Extending this experiment to the cars waiting at the traffic lights, Crofskey penned a quick solicitation to the waiting drivers that she would later blu-tack to the lid of her open laptop perched on her sidewalk desk: “TOOT IF YOU’RE ANXIOUS!”

To read the full contribution online (and listen to it’s audiobook companion), head to:

Edition of 50.
500 x 500mm / 130mm gusset / 600mm handle.
340gsm cotton canvas.
Please note that each tote will vary slightly due to it's hand-printed nature.

Produced by The Physics Room and Infinite Definite.
Designed by Daniel Shaskey and Holly Maitland.
Printed by Against The Grain Screenprint & Design in Woolston.