Nathan Thompson


23 Sep — 18 Oct 2003

Artist-in-residence of the Otago Polytechnic School of Art, Nathan Thompson has developed his practice over the last 10 years working variously in the media of painting, drawing, installation and sound. As an artist who has often worked collaboratively, twilight is a rare solo presentation of Thompson’s work, which incorporates many aspects of his practice.

Using the notion of "twilight" as a starting point for an exploration of the inbetween, this exhibition collects together a series of artefacts, discarded from a train of thought by the artist. Having worked in television making props for TV shows, here Thompson makes props and sets for the gallery space. Using the off-cuts of paper bats and other hang overs from a Halloween party, Thompson creates a blur between negative and positive space with the shapes, resonating with his idea to create shadows of art. These night creatures, bats and vampire bats, occupy Thompson’s twilight nonplace of phantoms and shadows - the perfect set for an inbetween drama to play out.


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