David Clegg

Professional Man

16 Aug — 08 Sep 2000

Best known for his Museum of Noname Objects, a touring show dedicated to the collection and display of generic and ordinary objects, David Clegg presents a new body of work at the Physics Room as part of our August programme. Oblique yet evocative, previous works unpacked some of the issues surrounding the object and it's aura in the age of digital reproduction, while in this new project Clegg explores the human desire for storytelling and truth. Creating meaning from fragments of information or 'evidence', professional man reconfigures these elements into new and compelling stories.


Reviews, Essays & Articles
It's a material world
The Press, 2000 Sept. 6, p. 36
Ussher, Robyn.
Exhibitions by David Clegg, Paula Coulthard, Stella Brennan.

Focus on objects in Physics Room shows
Christchurch Star, 2000 Aug. 23, p. A5
Exhibitions by David Clegg, Stella Brennan and Paula Coulthard.