Alicia Frankovich

WE ARE HOUSED (in and around all of this stuff)

24 Aug — 17 Sep 2005

In Alicia Frankovich’s Volume installation, the artist engages in a performative act of shaping the environment. She moves around the space responding directly to the physical and social aspects of the gallery in order to both question and engage the experience of viewing. Her work is characterised by an interest in the physical affects of objects and spaces on people, and through this she challenges our expectations through a careful arranging.

Alicia Frankovich completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Sculpture at AUT in New Zealand, and is currently a studio artist at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne. Her most recent solo shows include Standard Apparatus, CLUBSproject, Melbourne; Alicia Frankovich, Rm. 103, Auckland; A Kelly Frankovich Production, Conical Inc., Melbourne; and Produnova Stadium, MOP Projects, Sydney. These follow several recent group shows including Short Ride in a Fast Car, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne; www, Kaliman Gallery, Sydney; The Wallace Art Awards, Canary Gallery, Auckland; Manoeuvre, St. Paul St. Gallery, Auckland; Lost in Translation, Small Gallery, CalArts Valencia, USA; MOP LOG, MOP Projects, Sydney; International Plus Kunstpreis, Dusseldorf und der Kunst, Germany.


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Alicia Frankovich:
(in and around all of this stuff)
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