Curated by Sean Kerr


06 Dec 1996 — 24 Jan 1997

Margaret Dawson 
Kirsty Gregg
Janene Knox
Lisa ReihanA
Ani O'Neill
Julainne Summich
Ant Summich
Nathan Pohio
Kezia Barnett
Tabatha Forbes
Maggie Grant
Tessa Laird
Veronica Vaevae
Lory Harding
Paul Redican
Ronnie van Hout
B.S. Thompson
Craig Madoc
Eugenie Blank
Leigh Houliston
Carl Kim
Mykal Carlier
Cass Reid Hamilton
Kristin Lucas
Laura Parnes
Jed Brain

An exhibition of new electronic video works from New Zealand and abroad, Monitor was held in conjunction with ARTificial, a one-night event at the University Theatre in the Christchurch Arts Centre, a new electronic performance, sound, and video event also curated by Sean Kerr. ARTificial featured performances by Mike Hodgkins, Terrence Handscomb, Michael Morley and Danny Butt, and kickstarted the Monitor exhibition.

Comprised of two separate video programmes, Monitor highlighted the materiality of the video medium, and aimed to refocus attention on video as a specific medium with inherent qualities independent of its wide incorporation into other practices and contexts.

proGRAM 01 looked at the issue of collaborations, between video artists and sculptors, architects, designers and photographers, with commissioned collaborative works by Paul Swadel and Mark Campbell, Ani O’Neil and Lisa Reihana, Anthony Summich and Julianne Summich, and Janene Knox, Margaret Dawson, and Kirsty Gregg.

proGRAM 02 presented a range of works with less of a thematic or focused framework, providing an overview of current video activity both here and abroad. The inaugural issue of LOG Illustrated magazine, the Video issue, was released after this event to build on the themes and issues explored by Monitor.
Monitor toured to the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Artspace Auckland, and City Gallery, Wellington.


Reviews, Essays & Articles
Indulgent, demanding, but excess kept at bay
The Press, 1997 Jan. 15, p. 14
Feeney, Warren. 
Monitor, video works.