Past event

18 December 2003

Trambience 2003

18 December 2003. Free entry.

If you ever needed an excuse to get on the splendid heritage tourist attraction that is the Christchurch Tramway... this is it!

Trambience is a performance event organised by The Physics Room, featuring audio artists Adam Willetts (NZ) and Sarah Peebles (Canada).

The performance will take place on board one of the city’s beautifully restored heritage trams. Seating up to 50 people in a carriage, tickets will be extremely limited, with the tram providing an intimate and unusual venue for live audio performance.

Trambience will begin at 7pm on the dot, departing from the tram stop in Cathedral Square. Tickets will be available at the tram stop at 6.45pm, but bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment (available via The Physics Room - ph 379 5583).

Performers Sarah Peebles and Adam Willetts will create experimental soundtracks as the tram progresses around the city loop for one hour. The artists will improvise, interweaving their own compositions with the sonic pollution of the tram and the cityscape beyond.

Adam Willetts is a sound artist and musician who produces improvised works using samplers and shortwave radios. For Trambience, Adam will be performing using tilt sensing gamepads to enable samples to be manipulated by the movements and vibrations of the tram.

Sarah Peebles is an audio artist based in Canada, currently working in New Zealand towards a broadcasting project with National Radio’s “RPM”. Her Tokyo soundwalk composition ‘108’ is currently on exhibition at The Physics Room gallery.

Trambience is a project initiated by Zita Joyce and Adam Willetts.