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10 August 2012

Peter Swanson (with IRD and Gate)

10 August 2012. $10 entry.

Altmusic is proud to present Pete Swanson (US) as part of Altmusic's programme of exciting & innovative international musicians touring New Zealand in 2012.

Pete Swanson is an electronic multi-instrumentalist based in Oregan (US). A veteran of form-destroying psych/noise punks Yellow Swans as well as collaborations with The Skaters and Grey Daturas - Swanson's solo album Man With Potential has been hailed as a masterpiece of noise-infused post-techno; wrought from wild improvised heavy electronic pulses and crystalline, immersive textures. His recent work offers a skull-crushing alternative to dancey beats - let your mind get squashed and then elevated to an astral plane via Swanson's psychedelic whirlpools of sound.

“(Swanson's) grounding in noise and the extremes of punk comes across in the physical presence of his music... You have to first consent to being crushed by the sheer force and weight of it before you can get close enough to glimpse its glorious detail, and to discern the stories being told.' - Factmag

'It might sound paradoxical, but there really is a meditative aspect to Swanson's flying noise... Pete Swanson's ability to encompass many sounds and moods knows few bounds, if any.' - Pitchfork

Pete Swanson's extensive discography dates back to his 90's work with hardcore punk groups Murder and Asspasm, spending much of the 00's with Yellow Swans - collaborating and releasing with numerous artists including NZ's Birchville Cat Motel. His recent solo releases include Man With Potential (Type records, 2011), and I Don't Rock At All (Three Lobed Recordings, 2011). This will be Swanson's first solo tour of NZ.

For his Christchurch performance, Pete Swanson will be supported by Gate (Michael Morley) and IRD.

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