Past event

22 February 2007

DJ Olive Performance

22 February 2007. $8 entry.

Internationally recognised New York-based electronic artist DJ Olive (Gregor Asch) will perform at The Physics Room this month.

DJ Olive has been a central figure in the New York electronic and art-music communities for over 10 years. He has played a key role in branding a variety of divergent genres of music, most recently Rooftop Music stemming from Brooklyn's countless rooftop parties and happenings.

Working on a wide range of projects including the Christian Marclay DJ Trio project, performances with members of Sonic Youth in a variety of ensembles and recording/touring with the highly regarded jazz composer Uri Caine, DJ Olive's audio palette is as diverse as it is unique. He seamlessly brings together disparate and eclectic sound passages to create works that combine the sensibilities of dancehall and breakbeat with glistening textural ambience and electro-acoustic approaches.

Co-founder of Phonomena at subtonic - a performance space and record imprint - with Toshio Kajawara, DJ Olive also maintains theAgriculture, a label that documents the growing Rooftop music scene in New York. His recent output on Phonomena includes the 'Vinyl Score' compositions for Belgian cello master Jean Paul Dessy called 'Kolidescore' and the piece created for his ongoing work alongside French Concrete composer Luc Ferrari.

In 2006 DJ Olive continues to diversify his audio output, with a new beat oriented release on theAgriculture, as well as the latest ambient compendium 'Sleep' in his ongoing series of works for the Room40 label.