Curated by Sean Kerr

That's Entertainment

13 Sep — 06 Oct 2000

[entertain] v. 1. to amuse, to occupy agreeably. 2. to receive(a person) with hospitality, they entertained me to lunch. 3. to have in the mind, entertain doubts. 4. to consider favorably, refused to entertain the idea.

[entertainer] n. one who performs in entertainments, especially as an occupation.

oxford dictionary oxford 1977

A provoking show that mentions the unmentionable: visual arts- a form of entertainment.

Curator / entertainer, Malcolm Melrose’s (Sean Kerr’s soap opera stage name) aim is to; make a big impact, a spectacle, a dynamic show that may terrify or amuse the viewer with elements of suspense, action, thrills and spills.

The art works (slabs of entertainment) are arranged in television fashion (in-your-face,one after the other). Tessa Laird’s video text, (situated in the entrance) will introduce these "TV" personalities with her essay on the visual arts entertainment industry .

[thats entertainment is made to entertain.]

text by sean kerr [curator]


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