Past event

21 April 2012

Escaping Bodies:
Jumping Bricks
Talk and
by Mark Harvey

21 April 2012. Free entry.

Please join us at The Physics Room for Mark Harvey’s ‘Escaping Bodies: Jumping the Bricks’ this Saturday at 1pm.

Mark comes to Christchurch to respond directly to ‘Measure the city with the body’, The Physics Room’s current exhibition at our Sydenham building and neighboring sites.

Harvey will begin by embarking on a talk that considers and questions our urban and suburban fantasies of citizenship, community and identity in relation to performance within the urban landscape. His talk is followed by a workshop-performance titled ‘Jeez Wayne’ where Harvey invites participants to explore their inner urban desires and to ponder over how we can make ourselves more ‘useful’ with our bodies within the current economic and political climate.

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with an interest in the crossovers between contemporary art, performance, sculpture and participation to take part and experience Mark in action!