Image: Sponsored Content, By Isaac Dalkie. Back inside cover of HAMSTER Issue 3

Image: Sponsored Content, By Isaac Dalkie. Back inside cover of HAMSTER Issue 3

HAMSTER is an experimental serial publication supporting critical writing and creative approaches to cultural production in Aotearoa. This is the third in the inaugural HAMSTER trilogy of publications that engages with the idea of a ‘post-truth world’. In our open call we encouraged contributors to consider hacking strategies as lenses through which to explore contemporary creative and cultural practices. Areas of interrogation in issue three include Re-telling, Re-imagining, and Re-membering Histories; Spy vs. Spy: honesty, deception and competition; Non- Fiction as Fiction; Satire, Parody, and Cultural Power-Plays.

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Launch: Wednesday October 3, 5.30pm

During the evening enjoy a family-friendly Hacktivity Station, projections inspired by James Hope’s series of articles for HAMSTER, "Hackers: A Brief Historical Appraisal", and a transmission from the future, at 6:30pm, courtesy of 2046 Walters Prize winner Daphne Simons.


A digital copy of HAMSTER Issue 3 is now available to download via the "Download" link on the right of this page. You can download articles individually below (right click to open in a new tab if the files do not open automatically):

Contributions by:

Cameron Ralston and Merel Keijsers
AIrt School Prospectus 2019 (insert)

Isaac Dalkie
Sponsored Content

Casey Larkin Mazer Carsel
Water and Concrete Part II 

Donna-Marie Patterson
Reading a Map

Fresh ‘n’ Fruity
Please walk on me

Gabrielle Amodeo
Two Hundred and Thirty Words for Dishonesty Part Three

Quishile Charan
Part III, 27th of November 2017 2:45pm

Panni Pálasti
Sandbagged Dreams

Volker Strübing
Scars of Wilson City

Evangeline Riddiford Graham
The Flowering Tomb

James Hope
Hackers: A Brief Historical Appraisal. Part Three.

Samuel Jackson
To conspire is to build a world of secrets – Part II

Hugo Robinson
To mobilise a radical aesthetic; critique’s role in the emancipatory politics of art

xin cheng and chris berthelsen
making do

Chloe Geoghegan
Being Serious with Daphne Simons: Part Three

Matthew Joils
Music of the Spheres

Jerome Ngan-Kee
Bookended Contemporaneity: A Proclivity of Determination

Saskia Bunce-Rath
Aliens in the Art Gallery, Part Three

Theo Macdonald
Spider in the Sugar Bowl.

Audrey Baldwin
Mastications and Ruminations: Roused by Ron Muek – A CBD Who Dunnit

Agony Art

Jamie Hanton

Biographies and Credits


HAMSTER is supported by:
The Chartwell Trust

With additional Support from:
Creative New Zealand
The Christchurch City Council Strengthening Communities Fund


The Editorial Group is Jamie Hanton, Hamish Petersen and Hope Wilson, with support from Keren Oertly-Ryan.

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