Past event

10 April 2010

Nature Morte

10 April 2010. Free entry.

Artist Q&A: Roger Boyce & Marie-Claire Brehaut

Nature Morte draws us away from the compelling fiction of the finished fine art object—re-directing our attention to the artificial construct underlying and informing all representational effect. Just as dioramas in educational settings simulate fixed and normalized versions of events or depict scenes of special interest, Nature Morte relocates and restages the aesthetic and clandestine paraphernalia of two enduring sub-cultural forms of production (painter’s studio & P-Lab) in the densely acculturated and publicly accessible space of the art gallery.

Join us at The Physics Room on Saturday 10 April at 1pm for a fustian & logorrheic Nature Morte
Q&A with Roger Boyce & Marie-Claire Brehaut.