Image: HAMSTER Issue 2 cover, designed by Alice Bush.

Image: HAMSTER Issue 2 cover, designed by Alice Bush.

Launch: Wednesday April 11, 5.30pm
From 6pm, HAMSTER contributor, Taylor J will perform a selection of songs and we'll also be launching the digital version of Issue One.

HAMSTER Issue 2:

A digital copy of HAMSTER Issue 2 is now available to download here and you can download articles individually below (right click to open in a new tab if the files do not open automatically):

Alice Bush / Design
M/K Press / Printing
McHargs Bookbinders and Print Finishers / Binding

With contributions by:

Isaac Dalkie - Sponsored Content

Quishile Charan - Part II, Odisha 20th of October 2017 9:30pm 

Loulou Callister-Baker - Drown the World for Your ‘Like’

William Linscott - Daydreaming and the Death of the Internet

Peewee - Black Ink and Ice Cube On Paper (Edition of 250)

Samuel Jackson - To conspire is to build a world of secrets - Part I

Saskia Bunce-Rath - Aliens in the Art Gallery, Part Two

Brent Harris - Alphabetical Order

James Hope - Hackers: A Brief Historical Appraisal. Part Two, Hack the Planet!

Birgit Bachler - Unwrapping di4lo9s


Amy Weng - On encountering stars, convenience stores and mythical animals

xin cheng and chris berthelsen - making do

Casey Larkin Mazer Carsel - Water and Concrete Part I

Yolunda Hickman - Word Builder, 2017-18, Sticker Collage 

Gabrielle Amodeo - Two Hundred and Thirty Words for Dishonesty Part Two

Theo Macdonald - Haunted Mansion

Taylor J. - Rosa

Chloe Geoghegan - Being Serious with Daphne Simons: Part Two

Lucy Ovenden - Dove/Owl, Owl/Dove

Harriet Litten - Public Institutions, Public Representations; platforms and manufactured narratives

Sarah Mohawk - A Sustained Academic Injury—reviews of Francis Upritchard’s Jealous Saboteurs

Agony Art

Spencer Hall - Spencer Hall’s HAMSTER Funtime Activity Page

Cameron Ralston and Merel Keijsers 

Biographies and Credits


HAMSTER is supported by:
The Chartwell Trust

With additional Support from:
Creative New Zealand
The Christchurch City Council Strengthening Communities Fund


Reviews, Essays & Articles:

Artbank Interview by Theo Macdonald with HAMSTER's editorial group, Jamie Hanton, Hamish Petersen, and Hope Wilson. Artbank, 95b FM, June 3, 2018. 


HAMSTER 2 Full Final (PDF)