Simon Denny

Arranging Sympathies

20 Jul — 13 Aug 2005

In the latest in the Volume series of site responsive projects in The Physics Room’s Gallery C, Simon Denny’s installation Arranging Sympathies continues his interest in the material relationships between objects and spaces. He is interested in the path from pure form to symbolic value. His installation will comprise systems of objects that bring to the fore questions about the way political attitudes and beliefs are played out within a gallery context. In an oblique way, Arranging Sympathies emphasises ‘craft’ processes and the broader notion of community. Leather, wood chips, and a melange of other ‘natural’ materials and homely objects are brought together to create a balance of objects and a starting point for interpreting the work.

Simon Denny graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts in 2004 with a BFA. Recent exhibitions include A Process of Bewilderment, Enjoy Gallery, Tahi and Simon, George Fraser Gallery, Auckland; Simon Denny, Soo Ah Kim, Matt Ross, Creative NZ, Auckland; Ergophobia, Windowspace, Auckland; Water Relief Show, Room 103, Auckland; Snowball, Room 103; and Loan Rangers, Nuit Gallery, Wellington. Denny runs Special, an artist run initiative in Auckland.


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Art Beat, The Press, 23 July 2005

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Simon Denny
Arranging Sympathies
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