LOG Illustrated Issue 13

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Kick out the jams motherfuckers! It’s the Revolution number! Manifestoes, movements, riots, spleen and bile, break-throughs and upheavals (artistic and otherwise), Hope and anything genius is where this issue was at. Evolution, Prog Anything, starry-eyed Theory, enlightenment, black panthers, white panthers, things that go round like records and anything that answers the question "Just what is revolutionary these days?" was the go. Revolution is surely not just about being contemporary just as it is not about being televised. Nothing is that simple. Or maybe it is. Reach for the stars comrades. Remember, The Political is Personal...

LOG Illustrated was a contemporary art magazine. LOG was published in tabloid format three times a year. Rather than being strictly about-art dialogue-based, LOG was conceived, in 1997, to provide a site for artists and writers to experiment with images and texts in a print format.

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