Past event

14 July 2005

All For Show

14 July 2005. Free entry.

Unfettered by a need to provide a theme, ALL FOR SHOW hosts a rich mix of video work that according to curator Lee Campbell “reveals an unflinching beauty and grace that need not be categorised”. In selecting the artists for ALL FOR SHOW, Campbell’s criteria was that the work breathe out of the video player, that it stops the viewer in their tracks as they discover a playful quality in the work. As the title suggests, this show presents the personal journeys of almost thirty artists… or maybe a world where everything may just be all for show?

Work by Alex Baker, Beagles and Ramsay, Anna Boggon, Sophie Brown, Elly Clarke, Sarah Collins, Alexander Costello, Marion Coutts, Douglas Fishbone, Angela Hicks, Juneau Projects, Adrian Lee, Jaspar Joseph Lester, Paul Masters, Elizabeth McAlpine, Miller and McAfee Press, Harold Offeh, Diane Timmins, and Sarah Turner.

Approximate running time: 1 hour 37 minutes