Past event

12 November 2016

Reflections and Directions

12 November 2016. Free entry.

Reflections and Directions
Saturday 12 November 2016 10-4pm

Presenters: Taarati Taiaroa with Jess Holly Bates, Bridget Riggir with Ana Iti, Bridget Reweti with Salote Tawale, Fayen d'Evie with Katie West.

As committed learners, embodying politics, and ethics we will explore each others ideas, attitudes, or energies within four workshops. Each workshop will provide space for collective sharing, reflection and discussion. The specific focus of the day will be exploring the relations between artist and curator: ethics, politics, practicalities and processes. How can we reframe curatorial process as having human relations, people, at its centre?

As creative practitioners, we hope that our guests will provide insight into this relation, and into their own artistic processes and values. While this workshop/hui will usher in new content, we hope that it will allow a platform of reflection that equips us with some tools for future practice, relations and agency as curators working in the specific context of Aotearoa.

Reflections and Directions is presented as one outcome of the Emerging Curators Programme 2015/16 facilitated by The Physics Room and The Blue Oyster Art Project Space and funded by Creative New Zealand’s Sector Development Incentive Fund.