Past event

15 March 2006

Experimental Film & Video Art Screening

15 March 2006. Free entry.

In the tradition of Stan Brakhage, Len Lye and contemporary video artists such as Gillian Wearing this selection of works seeks to develop a new language uncompromised by mainstream cinema and orthodox narrative constructions.

This programme of experimental film and video art provides a snapshot of artistic activity around the moving image. The multiple genres which make up the nebulous body of work we term ‘experimental’, sit side by side in order to illustrate contemporary time based media’s inclusion into the ever expanding field of art making. Artists Steve Carr and Richard Lewer, multi-media theatre practitioner Julianne Eason, and ‘grass roots’ multi-media artists Eve Gordon and Sam Hamilton have all integrated the medium of film and video into their respective artistic practices.
Catherine Garet, Haiku, still from dvd

Looking to aesthetics or politics for their content, and often using film and video as a material construct with which to ‘tamper’, the ‘experiment’ is often in the negotiation of form and ideas presented as a collaborative unit. Filmmakers Lissa Mitchell, Alex Monteith and Campbell Farquar apply techniques of direct manipulation, animation, and hand-painting, and have a passion for the nuances of film…grain, flare and decay.

Removed from the space and conventions of the traditional ‘movie-house’ these works will be presented in the South Quad at The Arts Centre of Christchurch.

Bring rugs, cushions and picnic hampers or enjoy food and wine from the local cafes and bars.

If raining the screening will be held at The Physics Room.

Thanks to The Arts Centre of Christchurch, The New Zealand Film Archive and imotion for their support and resources.

Experimental Film & Video Art Programme

Two vivid animations
Eve Gordon & Sam Hamilton
2005 / direct film
9 minutes

Skill discipline training
Richard Lewer
Animation by Jonathan Nicol
2006 / digital video animation
6 minutes

Catherine Garet
2003 / digital video
Three times
43 seconds
The other house
21 seconds
The maze
40 seconds
In time
17 seconds

5 second exposure
Campbell Farquhar
Music: Pumice
2006 / direct film
4 minutes

Richard Whyte
2004 / direct film
1 minute 20 seconds

Private dancers
Mark Harvey
2006 / digital video animation
40 seconds

All is full of love
Sandy Gibbs
2006 / digital video
1 minute 45 seconds

The muses
Douglas Crane
Music: Snakebeings
2004 / digital video animation
3 minutes

Miss shaw dreams
Louise Curham
2003 / direct film
5 minutes

Kah Bee Chow
2003 / digital video
7 minutes 36 seconds
Courtesy of the artist and Anna Miles Gallery

Lets build a house
Lissa Mitchell
Music video for Marineville
2004 / digital video
3 minutes 15 seconds

Toll of the sea
Kah Bee Chow
2005 / digital video
4 minutes 10 seconds
Courtesy of the artist and Anna Miles Gallery

The Ready: 01
Mark Harvey
2006 / digital video animation
40 seconds

This is not a black square
Richard Whyte
2004 / direct film
2 minutes 30 seconds

Project - 5 short movements
Campbell Farquhar
2005 / video projections, dance and film
5 minutes

Building skies
Julieanne Eason
Music: Thomas Phillpotts
2006 / digital video
4 minutes 45 seconds