Kiosk Logbook

Images: Eddie Clemens, Kiosk Logbook, 2020. Photos: Janneth Gil.

The Kiosk: A History* & Project Logbook 2000-20

The Kiosk Logbook is part of Eddie Clemens' sculptural installation Kiosk: Directors' Commentary and logs each of the 113 projects that were shown in the Kiosk during its 10 year run. Please email to purchase.

There are also very limited artist editions of the Kiosk Logbook, complete with Elevating Work Platform Pouch (EWP), EWP statement card filled out by the artist, and 3 cable ties to attach the pouch to your EWP, available for $100. There are 5 of these editions available. 

Copies can be picked up from The Physics Room gallery or office after the exhibition closes on Sunday 23 August.

Postage is an extra $2.70 for the Kiosk Logbook itself or $6.00 for the Kiosk Logbook Artist Edition.