Eva-Maria Gaub

Dream / Wachseins

04 Sep — 05 Oct 2002

Physical performer, director and academic, Eva Maria Gauß, joins Lucette Hindin, of the clinic, in a two month research project into the question of human relationships with time. After a month's research and a performance season at Interdruck gallery in Leipzig, Germany, the collaborators have travelled to Christchurch to continue the research with a new group of performers, and will present the findings of their research in a performance installation at The Physics Room this month.

Gauß says "I’m impressed by the innovative and fresh approach of the actors I’m working with here. They have the faith and committment to fully enter into the research. In Leipzig we created some strong images of eternity. In Christchurch, now, we want to find out what different ways the actors’ bodies relate to time."

The Physics Room will be rigged with a trapeze to accommodate the work of Pipi Evans, second year CircoArts aerial performer, who joins the clinic for Dream / Wachsein. Also collaborating on this project is sound artist Thomas Phillpotts, whose compositions for the project reflect a deep exploration of the relationship between time, music and expectation.

Lucette Hindin says that the audience can expect "an exhibition of bodies and time, but also of characters and time - all the different and strange relationships we have with the past, the future, the passing of time, our feelings of long and short time, of limited time, and the way things fall into rhythms and cycles."

Innovative Christchurch performance company, the clinic, offers its audience the chance to get closer to the bones of performance work with this actor-driven research project. This may be your last chance to see the clinic in performance this year, as they are currently in a long development phase for "The Peculiar Case of Clara Parsons," due to premiere mid-2003.

The Clinic http://www.theclinic.co.nz


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