Past event

05 June 2010

Studio of Exhaustion Judy Darragh

05 June 2010. Free entry.

Sweeping back into Christchurch with trademark candour and inexpensive mystique, Studio of Exhaustion sees Judy Darragh transform a striking synthetic ‘Persian’ rug into a coiled magic carpet poised in wait for its next destination, whilst also plying us with an ensemble-cast of silver plastic-bottle awards and trophies.

Presenting these works for the first time in the South Island, Darragh continues to confound notions of implicit value with her adventurous bargain basement and everyday retrievals, and the retread objet d’art she fashions from such unabashedly useful materials.

Please join us at The Physics Room on Saturday 5 June at 1pm for Judy Darragh’s artist talk on the ideas informing the exhibition Studio of Exhaustionand a broader discussion of her practice.