Past event

21 May 2009

Every Plant Tells a Story

An illustrated talk by Dr. Trevor Partridge, City Botanist of Christchurch

21 May 2009. Free entry.

Investigating the boundary between plants and weeds within the context of Zina Swanson's current installation The risk of it all falling apart. Dr. Trevor Partridge will present a talk beginning with a practical consideration of the humble daisy and tracing various biological and historical lines of inquiry from there.

Charged with the care of The Garden City's plants, weeds and threatened species alike, Dr. Partridge will share his expertise and discuss some of the stories that have collected around the daisy within both scientific and cultural discourse over the years.

Zina Swanson will also be in attendance for the talk and an informal discussion of The risk of it all falling apart which will follow Dr. Partridge's presentation.