Past event

Sunday 16 September

Dungeons & Dragons character building workshop and game

Sunday 16 September. Free entry.

Dungeons & Dragons character building workshop and game
The personal is political: multiple selves and changing the game world, one non-binary night elf at a time

Sunday 16 September, 1pm

As part of Games and Politics, The Physics Room is running a workshop highlighting the politics of fantasy selves that includes a discussion of the tropes present in traditional D&D and how contemporary and indie communities are actively subverting them.

Join us for an hour long workshop where you’ll come away with your own D&D character—be it orc, halfing, elf or beyond. Once characters are made, we will host a D&D game using the characters designed in the workshop immediately afterwards, with dungeon masters from Saga Inc.

No previous experience necessary.

Please email to register for this event. Attendance is free but places are limited!

D&D Basic Rules (pdf) Related readings - Games and Politics (pdf)