Past event

25-28 October 2013

Local Time

25-28 October 2013. Free entry.

Waitaha wai October 2013 (+1200)

Following their interest in issues of water access in urban environments, the Local Time collective ( and Nathan Pohio will seek out local knowledge and collaborate with people on the ground in Christchurch to see what it might take to serve autochthonous, natural spring water to participants and guests at FESTA events to materially connect all of us to the site. In so doing they will translate the form of their work Waiariki 9 May-11 August 2013 (+1200) that was developed in Auckland, from Tamaki Makaurau to Otautahi. Their hope in making this gesture is to stimulate word of mouth circulation of information about the source of the water and related narratives, historical and contemporary, pointing to cultural dimensions of this element in the situation of the transitional city.