Past event

01 February 2013

Leighton Craig

With local support from David Khan and Months

01 February 2013. $10 entry.

Altmusic is proud to present Leighton Craig (AUS) as part of Altmusic's programme of independent & adventurous international musicians touring New Zealand in 2013.

Since 1995, Brisbane resident Leighton Craig has has etched out a varied musical existence, recording and performing a unique body of solo and collaborative work. His practice ranges from solo keyboard studies, song based explorations, site specific environmental recordings, sound installations and group improvisation. Craig's solo works convene an alliance of blurred geometry, distorted hymnals and keyboard minimalism. Using lo-tech gear and his voice to create delicate and incandescent forms, Leighton Craig's brittle 'folk-electronics' conjure a subdued yet powerfully evocative aura.

“... evokes a primitive warmth inside you. It's hard to describe, but impossible to deny. Simply put, this is beautiful music that attacks you at your core. This is music for those quiet times.” - Foxy Digitalis

In addition to his solo work, Craig has recorded extensively with his primary collaborative partner Eugene Carchesio. He is a long serving member of Brisbane’s underground free-form rock mainstays 'The Lost Domain', in addition to forming (with Carchesio) the pop miniaturists 'The Deadnotes' and minimalist punks 'G55' and 'Fig.' His current project 'Primitive Motion' (with fellow Brisbane artist Sandra Selig) has been described as "a basement Silver Apples plays the songs of AC Marias for an unreleased Saturn acetate…" - Volcanic Tongue

He has released numerous solo and collaborative works via his own Kindling imprint, Room 40, Naturestrip and Soft Abuse. His solo releases Terminal Moraine (1996), Organ Notes (2002) and 11 Easy Pieces (2008) unveil a rare tonal richness from his array of cheap analogue keyboards. His new solo album Diamond Eye will appear in 2013 on Brisbane label Bedroom Suck Records.

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