Image: HAMSTER Issue 1 cover, designed by Alice Bush

Image: HAMSTER Issue 1 cover, designed by Alice Bush

Launch: Thursday December 14, 5.30pm
6pm: Evangeline Riddiford Graham, poetry reading
6.20pm: The Waltham Home Organ Society (WHOS)



A digital copy of HAMSTER Issue 1 is available to download here and you can download articles individually below (right-click to open in a new tab if the links don't open the files automatically):

Alice Bush / Design
M/K Press and Ilam Press / Printing
McHargs Bookbinders and Print Finishers / Binding
Angus Donaldson Copy Service / Perforation 

With contributions by:

Jamie Hanton - Editorial

Jesse Bowling - Do you have a relationship with me already?

Chris Holdaway - (-)VEILED

Dominique Nicolau, nico - Hack The Planet / Death to the Demoness Allegra Geller or H/P

Evangeline Riddiford Graham - Mark Antony's Account: The Cleopatra Game

Spencer Hall - Special:MyContributions

Theo McDonald - Shirley Jackson: Scenes from Her Life

Quishile Charan - Part I, Auckland 14th of September 2017, 11:45am

Cait Puatama Johnson - Alternative Facts and Other Spaces

Gail Ingram - Metamorphoses: Epilogue 2017

Xin Cheng & Chris Berthelsen - making do


Anna Tokareva - The Manifestation of the Capitalist Spirit

James Hope - Hackers: A Brief Historical Appraisal: Part One

Becky Hemus - Mining Red Beryl in Coober Pedy, Australia

Chloe Geoghegan - Being Serious with Daphne Simons: Part One

Hikalu Clarke - Negotiating Violence

Gabrielle Amodeo - Two Hundred and Thirty Words for Dishonesty: Part One

Christine McFetridge & Charlotte Watson - Safety in Distance?

Audrey Baldwin - Mastications and Ruminations: Hippie Traps and Posthumous Phalli

Saskia Bunce-Rath - Aliens in the Art Gallery: Part One

Gail Ingram - The Fool

Agony Art

and Isaac Dalkie.

Biographies and Credits


HAMSTER is supported by:
The Chartwell Trust

With additional support from:
Creative New Zealand
The Christchurch City Council Strengthening Communities Fund

HAMSTER Issue 1, free download (PDF)