George Watson

"you are
an alien too"

30 Apr — 28 May 2016


George Watson, "you are an alien too", 2016


George Watson, "you are an alien too", 2016


George Watson, "you are an alien too", 2016


George Watson, "you are an alien too", 2016

In the Library

“you are an alien too” is a collection of writings by George Watson. Presented as posters designed in collaboration with Alice Bush, these works explore themes of the generic, isolation, alienation, eco-feminism, excess, biopower, whenua, dark ecologies and love.

“you are an alien too” is the first in a series of interrelated projects hosted by The Physics Room Library between April and December 2016. This series will explore language, communication and distribution; responding to the library itself as a political mechanism and a catalyst for certain networks and knowledge economies.



Born in Tūranganui-a-Kiwa, Aotearoa, George Watson currently lives in Auckland and has recently completed an MFA at Elam School of Fine Arts. She is interested in contemporary art, critical theory, poetry and ficto-criticsm and the roles that these disciplines play in collectively reimagining and re-shaping ways of being in and engaging with the world. Her research interests currently lie in the fields of feminist theory and decolonising methodologies, as well as in recent turns in speculative fiction, new materialism, post-humanism and affect theory. By working in a variety of roles including art making, curating, editing, writing and publishing George has collaborated closely with, and in support of, a diverse range of arts communities and practitioners within Aotearoa.