Gerard Donaldson


07 Feb — 03 Mar 2007


Installation image: Mark Gore


Installation image: Mark Gore


Installation image: Mark Gore


Installation image: Mark Gore

Siren is a new large-scale sculptural work developed specifically for The Physics Room by Christchurch-based artist Gerard Donaldson. Siren foregrounds the act of viewing, encouraging viewers to move around the work and interact with the lattice like optical illusion of light and form. The patterning offers a disconcerting, yet alluring sensation for the viewer, highlighting Donaldson’s interest in the possibilities of multiplying simple binary oppositions, through which he explores the impact and effect of illusion on perception, memory, and intelligence.

Donaldson’s practice is concerned with issues of light, line and form. He has constantly manipulated these factors to produce illusions of speed motion and force in otherwise inert constructions.

Donaldson graduated from the University of Canterbury School of Fine Art with a BFA (Sculpture) in 2001. Recent exhibitions include Pattern Recognition, SOFA, 2005; Line & Light, High Street Project, 2004.

Siren's Call (webarchive)