Past event

28 April 2010

Toby Huddlestone Lecture - APATHY

28 April 2010. Free entry.

This presentation by the UK based artist Toby Huddlestone takes the form of a lecture developed and presented around the same ideas that informed his performance Protest Apathy, an intervention in Trafalgar Square in June 2009.

Lecture APATHY is a lecture/performance that focuses on a 20th century history of dissent/disobedience and subversion and identifies the 1990s as the moment where a more overt and polar version of dissent became outmoded or antiquated, which in turn leads to Huddlestone’s proposition that apathy is the smartest way to be subversive and the only way of undermining authority in the current Western political climate.

The scripted performance is backed-up with fast-paced slides showing specific moments of dissent and leading on to images of apathy and protest apathy.

Further information about the artist and his recent projects can be found at: