Curated by Mark Feary

Family First

25 Jan — 18 Feb 2006


Installation view


Installation view


Matthew Griffin


Matthew Griffin


Blair Trethowan


Marco Roso


Rachel Howe


Tony Garifalakis


Shaun Galdwell

Tony Garifalakis, Shaun Gladwell, Matthew Griffin, Rachel Howe, Marco Roso, Blair Trethowan
Curated by Mark Feary

Family First brings together a selection of Australian and American artists whose diverse practices reflect an affinity with counter-cultural groups or activities. In doing so, the exhibition explores notions of individuality, community and belonging within this sub-cultural framework. Taking its title from the recently formed Australian conservative Christian political party of the same name, Family First uses the political party as a point of departure, instead drawing out ways in which sub-cultural allegiances can inform and contribute to the practices of artists that transcends traditional, conservative political constructions of identity groups.


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