Past event

15 April 2007

The Bolivarian Dream Screening

15 April 2007. Free entry.

Bolivarian Dreamwas developed by Chilean artist collective Hoffmann's House specifically for the South Project's Santiago programme in October 2006. The video compilation features a selection of 24 contemporary Latin American video artists who, in various ways, explore notions of collaboration and unification.

Bolivarian Dream takes as a reference point the utopic vision of Latin American political figure Simon Bolivar, whom aspired to foster a unified pan-America in the early 1820s. The curatorial aim was to show a broad selection of video art from the area, rather than a thematic compilation, and features work by Ivan Navarro (Chile), Pablo Helguera (Mexico), Douglas Rodrigo Rada (Bolivia), and Rolando Vargas (Colombia).

Approximate running time: 1 hour 30 minutes