Marcus Moore

A Good Tradition Well Maintained

22 Aug — 08 Sep 2001

Based currently in Wellington, where he is tutoring at the Massey University School of Art and Design, Marcus Moore is a former Christchurch old boy.

Drawing on his time in the city of plains, Marcus's work for The Physics Room makes overt reference to Christ's College, the traditional and exceedingly proper boys college which Marcus attended, and at which such art luminary's as Peter Robinson have taught at.

Playing off varying notions of being male, Marcus cuts sound clips of Christ's boys singing, into popular songs by U2, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen - staples of late 1980's FM radio and filtered through memories of high school lust and desire. Shiny thermos flask bulbs revolve in the gallery space, a gentle stab of phallic imagery, and yet also a link back to kinetic sculptures by that most famous Christchurch ex-pat, Len Lye.


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