Past event

16 August 2002

Sonic Sampler : Short Films with a Pulse

16 August 2002. Free entry.

Audio merges with video in work ranging from dance oriented VJ material to experimental sound film

Programme presented by the Moving Image Centre

Light Turned Down
UK 2001Vision:D-Fuse Sound:Scanner 5 mins
‘Works by others have inspired me within sound to leave
the formal structures of rhythm, melody and composition
behind and seek new solutions in new methods of
explication and exploration, wherever they may lie.’ —
Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner.

Ram( a)
UK 2001 Vision: James Graham Sound: Pimpi Arroyo
Spiral3 7 mins
Travelogue starring remixed street scenes, vivid colour
and an uplifting Indian electronic crossover soundtrack.
Eastern images illuminated in this bright drifting dream

I Be Moving
New Zealand 2002Vision:Bruce Ferguson Sound:
epsilon-blue with BarnabyWeir KogTransmissions 2 mins
Ferguson, a director of electronic music label Kog for
several years, produced this playful abstract pattern work
to complement local artist epsilon-blue’s soundtrack.

Sofa Rockers
Austria 2000 Vision: Timo Novotny Sound: Sofasurfers Dorfmeister Remix Sixpack Film 4 mins
Shot in Japan on Super-8, this laid-back work oozes retrocool
texture and flavour. Breakdancers are sampled and
resampled, film frames flip in and out of sync.

What Exactly Is He Trying to Sell?
New Zealand 2002 Sound/Vision: Greg Wood 35mm/16mm/8mm/ Video 4 mins
An amalgam of sound and picture crafted with the sensitivity of a motorway pile-up.TV advertising is exploited and subverted through a process of fragmented montage.

UK 2001 Vision: James Graham Sound: Pimpi Arroyo Spiral3. 7 mins
An endless 3D form speeds through galaxies,past cosmic explosions, sun-spots and stars in this work by prolific audiovisual group Spiral3.

New Zealand 2001Vision: Julian Meadow Sound: Koru 5 mins
PsychedelicVJ work that explores urban grids and organic patterns,with magnificent timing and gravitational sway.

France 2001Vision: Nicolas Berthelot Sound: IQU 6 mins
Subtle analogue movements lap into digital video disturbance.
Cave Girls

New Zealand 2002Vision/Sound:Rachel Shearer 3 mins
Voices of Japanese schoolgirls sampled in a tunnel, sequenced and stretched then overlaid by impressionistic Spinique

UK.Vision: D-Fuse Sound: Scanner 5 mins
Ultra-cute panda bears are caught in spin cycles in this manga influenced, progressive techno piece.

Canada 2000Vision/Sound:Myriam Bessette 3 mins
Simple blue lines flicker and fade.A hyperspace journey is rendered by shifting blue bars in this minimalist work with a maximum impact.

UK 2001 Director:AddictiveTV Producers:Nick Clarke, Graham Daniels Music:Spacer Pussyfoot Records 10 mins
Spacer and Addictive TV take you on a thumping nonlinear audiovisual trip around the world, from the streets of LA to the deserts of the Middle East - via London.