Past event

27 November 2003


27 November 2003. Free entry.

A presentation of critical computer games by artists
Curated by r a d i o q u a l i a
Max Barry / Natalie Bookchinm / escapefromwoomera collective / Andy Deck / Mongrel / Josh On + Futurefarmers

<re:Play> explores one of the most popular forms of entertainment in contemporary culture - the computer game. It takes the form of an interactive one-night-only exhibition of artists' computer games, hosted and curated by r a d i o q u a l i a, an online art collaborative from New Zealand, and the Institute for Contemporary Art, Cape Town, an arts organisation from South Africa.

The games in the <re:Play> exhibition are not typical computer games. While all of them encourage play, and involve a gaming objective, unlike regular computer games, they have a strong political dimension, and explore how play, interaction and competition can be utilised in an artistic context.

While some of the games presented are entirely new creations, others are ironic, often slightly humorous recreations of existing lo-fi arcade games. While the original arcade games such as Space Invaders, Quick Draw and Backlash encouraged users to engage in acts of violence, the artistic recreations of these games are infused with a political dimension that critiques the original violent character of the games, and also invites a slightly more meditative approach to the subject matter being presented in the games.

This exciting one-off event will offer Christchurch audiences the opportunity to experience and interactive with current digital practices that utilises art, the internet and computer games.