Louise Palmer

Louise Palmer

14 Nov — 29 Nov 1998

Palmer works in a variety of media and practises a minimal aesthetic. However, her works are never empty or cold as is the case with some minimalist art. Rather, subtle emotional states are hinted at, while a kind of physical disequilibrium is evoked. Palmer creates imagined spaces with specific reference to the actual space that the work inhabits. For The Physics Room, she has created site specific works which reflect the physical nature of the surroundings, be it in the pattern of the brick wall, or in the blue of sky glimpsed through the windows.

As the artist herself puts it:
"Empty spaces, waiting spaces, floors no one dances on, reflection, displacement, the moment, of suspension, where doubt is cast, the fear of falling, of waiting, desiring more."

Reviews, Essays & Articles
Minimal installation clever, empty
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Ussher, Robyn.
An installation by Louise Palmer.