Curated by Jae Hoon Lee

Falling Free

27 Jan — 21 Feb 2004


Mark Boswell


Rohan Wealleans

Falling Free is a group show curated by Auckland based Korean artist, Jae Hoon Lee. This exhibition will install the works of six young artists in such a way that the artworks have a chance to expand and change their physical territory and conceptual meaning in terms of mixing individual works in a hybrid manner. Most of the artists are graduates of Auckland’s Elam art school - Seung Yul Oh, Rohan Wealleans, Mark Boswell, George Chang, Dave King and Jae Hoon Lee.

As an artist / curator, Jae Hoon Lee brings together new works from the six artists - most of whom have a rebellious masculine energy in their art practice in terms of subject matter and expression. Installed as a group, the individual works will function together as one organic piece, a key aspect of the project that the curator describes as a metaphorical “growing tree.”

Literally “free-falling” from Auckland to Christchurch for this exhibition, each artist’s work includes an element of their own persona, with the installation transferring the private experience to public. The curator is concerned with "expanding the boundary of art practice", allowing new meanings to develop through the intimate relationships between each work in form and concept.


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