Past event

11 August 2016

by Brian Fuata

11 August 2016. Free entry.

Brian Fuata’s practice is in text, improvisation and performance contextualised by his theatre history. In his live works, Fuata veers between various modes of presentation, constantly re-contexualising the physical space of the gallery as both a place of objecthood and a theatrical stage of narrative and persona.

Currently installed at The Physics Room, PLACEHOLDER is a film of a ghost performance with the figure of the ghost edited out. On top of the sequential moving images of emptied space are text slides, derived from poetic notations around an idea of omission. Together, the image and text operate on different time loops, infinitely random and continuous.
On Thursday 11 August between 6-7pm, the artist will employ this film as a backdrop and prompt in a series of live 20 minute structured improvisations using the figure of the ghost as a point of departure.