Get down with your bad self with the GRUNT MACHINE catalogue from The Physics Room exhibition of the same name. For this video package with a difference, ten of New Zealand's leading artists made videos that just might perhaps say something about the possible effect of rock video on video art. The GRUNT MACHINE tabloid publication doesn’t clarify much, but what application and poetry!

Teletubbies, Surrealistic videoscapes, hippy psychedelia, alien space invaders, graffiti art, teenage love and general, timeless angst went head to head when the following brave and under-briefed artists gave it up for all to see: Megan Dunn, Violet Faigan, Duane Zarakov, Simon Cuming, Stuart Page, Michael Morley, Rachel Shearer, Jeff Belt, Not These Days, David Townsend, The Axemen, David Carman, Anya Thompson, Matthew Hyland, Ava Seymour, Graeme McFellin, Liz Kane.

Accompanying articles by curator Gwyn Porter, Jon Bywater, Daniel Mancini, and Duane Zarakov and a special pull out poster for your wall!

GRUNT MACHINE was presented at The Physics Room in February 1999, and toured to the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, the Adam Art Gallery, Wellington, and Fiat Lux, Auckland

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Published by The Physics Room Trust
287 x 410 mm