Past event

30 July 2016
11am - 1pm

workshop and
filesharing session
with Beth Caird

30 July 2016. Free entry.


The Physics Room’s current artist in residence Beth Caird will discuss the history and premise of A-Library, a travelling project founded by Sydney-based artist Ben Forster. Beth will host a discussion about how to use A-Library, and stimulate conversation around the biases of libraries and knowledge sharing in a digital, capitalist society.

A-Library is a prototype temporary offline digital library that exists on a modem-like piece of hardware. When someone joins this network, rather than connecting to the internet, they are directed to the A-Library catalogue where texts can be uploaded or downloaded freely by users.

A-Library will be temporarily installed at The Physics Room from Friday 22-31st July during a two-week residency by Beth Caird.

Participants are invited to bring a laptop or wireless device with files to share. Refreshments will be provided.