Joyriding In The Land That Time Forgot

23 Feb — 18 Mar 2000

KIT is a widely dispersed collaboration operating out of the UK, Canada, and Australia, its members coming from a range of professional backgrounds including Java development, architecture, and landscape design. Kit have exhibited collectively during the past seven years in Australia, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Canada, USA, Austria and Germany, as well as producing bookwork's, CDs, and performances for various international events.


Reviews, Essays & Articles
Joyriding in the land time forgot
Log 10, 2000, p. 37
Sargeant, Mary
Review of KIT

Virtual buzz
The Press, 2000 Mar. 15, p. 36
Ussher, Robyn.
Joyriding in the Land that Time Forgot: an installation by KIT; Red Bird Paparazzi: photographs by Mitch Robertson.