Jenny Gillam and Eugene Hansen

Another Lovely Daze

23 Feb — 22 Mar 2008

Drawing on immersive audio-visual works that use ‘nightclub’ technology in unconventional modes and contexts, Jenny Gillam and Eugene Hansen invest in collaborative art making strategies that trace and explore contemporary popular culture’s production.

In a continuation of their recent series of investigations into suburban anxiety, Another Lovely Daze will further explore the conflation of urban and suburban environments, focusing specifically on the night club and garden as constructed sites of tension and its eventual release.

Like the space of the gallery, the nightclub and garden are constructed environments used by specific groups of people. Rooted in our socio-political need for leisure and pleasure, this relationship seems particularly apt in Christchurch, a city which has long featured on the international DJ circuit and is concurrently promoted as the ‘Garden City’.

Two 20 minute performances will form part of the opening event with special guest, Daniel Agnihotri-Clark.

Eugene Hansen and Jenny Gillam both lecture in Fine Arts at Massey University, Wellington and co-directed the artist run project space SHOW from 2004-06. Recent collaborative projects include: Insidious Pop II (drift),an audio visual performance in which Eugene Hansen collaborated with Daniel Agnihotri-Clark, Paul Farris, Jenny Gillam, Richard Reddaway, Steve Rowe, Dan Shaw and Gemma Syme, held at The New Zealand Film Archive, Wellington (2007); It’s a Lovely Daze a multimedia installation which incorporated audio visual performances at Ocular Lab, Melbourne (2007); Video Suburb at Canary Gallery, Auckland (2006); Greenbelt Video Suburb in collaboration with Kaleb Bennett, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington (2006); Video Garden at Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Dunedin (2006); Outer Nebula Drifter Video Patch II an audio visual performance by Eugene Hansen, Kaleb Bennett and Jenny Gillam at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Canberra, Australia (2005); and Outer Nebula Drifter a collaborative VJ performance by vjRex (Eugene Hansen) with Kaleb Bennett, Jenny Gillam, Emil McAvoy at the New Zealand Film Archive for Telecom Prospect 2004.

This project for The Physics Room has been generously supported by Massey University.