Past event

10 June 2003

Transmediale Video Screening

10 June 2003. $5 entry.

The Physics Room presents in association with the Goethe Institute...

Transmediale Video Screening

Selected screenings of the best in European video art from the transmediale festival 2003 - international media art festival Berlin, plus a floortalk from Thomas Munz (curator for video and image section).

The transmediale festival was founded in 1988 as VideoFest and has since then been one of the primary places for the presentation of new media art in Europe, from Video Art through Internet and Software Art to the latest twists and turns of critical media theory and reflections on the cultural and social impact of digital technologies.

Thomas Munz, the curator for video and image section of transmediale.03 - play global! is coming to Christchurch in association with The Physics Room and the Goethe Institute. He will be speaking and screening a selection of video works from the 2003 transmediale festival in Berlin.