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12 September 2013


12 September 2013. Free entry.

‘Neighbourhood Hope Index’ Workshop

This workshop will invite collaborators to participate in ‘Neighbourhood Hope Index’; a work in progress that proposes the use of clouds and sound to map affective zones in post-earthquake Christchurch, considering atmosphere/air in bio-physical as well as social terms.

The framework for this artwork stems from current plans for a more data-efficient city. A hope for the city’s inhabitants is that a ‘smart’ city may emerge where the instrumental measurement of traffic flows, water quality, air quality and urban weather can remedy earlier problems. Historically the airshed above Christchurch has been regularly monitored for the often toxic levels of PM10; can this be rectified in a new, more energy and data efficient city? How can a more community-orientated social atmosphere be fostered? This online work will take into account weather, temperature and humidity and the affective climate of the city. The workshop will invite collaborators to build on the earlier online work ‘Neighbourhood Air’ (2011-2012), as well as introducing participants to the SM50 mobile air quality monitor. 

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Dr Janine Randerson is an Auckland-based artist who works with a range of time-based media including 16mm film, digital audio and video and online media. Her art practice includes both site-specific installation and single-channel video. In 2012 she completed her PhD on the topic of ‘Weather as Media’.

Thursday 12 September 6pm
Media artist Janine Randerson and 'Sensing the City' bricoleur Roger Dennis will discuss the role of sensors in transitional Christchurch for both artists and inhabitants of a more data efficient city. Janine will refer to her work with urban meteorological scientists, instrument designers at 'Aeroqual' and invested social groups in the work 'Neighbourhood Air' (2011-2012) and her current work-in-progress 'Neighbourhood Hope Index'.

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