Past event

27 March 2008

Lullatone Performance

27 March 2008. $10 entry.

Lullatone has finished recording their new mini-album and are coming to New Zealand this month to present THE BEDTIME BEAT.

For those of you yet to meet Lullatone - they are Shawn Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida. Based in Nagoya, they wrote the official Hello Kitty theme song and have been behind some of the most melodic post-pop electronic sounds to come forth in recent years.

Indie music taste makers pitchforkmedia recently commented that "Lullatone redraw the possibilities of cute music using toy instruments, ultra-detailed homemade production, and child-like imagination as their brightly colored construction paper."

Described as their strangest and most pop CD yet, featuring the sounds of bathtubs, underwater humming, snoring cut up into drum beats, Yoshimi's human beatbox and much much more.

Check out their website for more information.