LOG Illustrated Issue 5

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Published to coincide with the Sydney Biennale, this issue features 50/50 Australian and NZ content, as well as pageworks by all six of the artists who represented NZ at the Biennale. This is also the first issue where LOG goes bicolor, and of course it's green and gold to honour our Aussie cuzzies, with a cover by NZ expat Darian Zam. Gwyn Porter looks at Adam Cullen, Adam Cullen looks at Daniel Malone, Daniel Malone uses a pseudonym because he can't find anyone to write about his work. Gavin Hipkins provides the centrespread: it looks like two fuzzy kiwifruit but we all know it goes way deeper than that’right?

LOG Illustrated was a contemporary art magazine. LOG was published in tabloid format three times a year. Rather than being strictly about-art dialogue-based, LOG was conceived, in 1997, to provide a site for artists and writers to experiment with images and texts in a print format.

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