Reading Walking Writing

Reading Walking Writing is a collection of writing commissioned after a workshop of the same name, convened by Abby Cunnane and Melanie Oliver and held at Cass, Canterbury, in early 2015.

Featuring contributions from J. Alexander, Rebecca Boswell, Eleanor Cooper, Abby Cunnane, Sophie Davis, Joan Fleming, Matilda Fraser, Chloe Geoghegan, Ioana Gordon-Smith, Jamie Hanton, Anneke Jaspers, Gregory Kan, Melanie Kung, Keir Leslie, Melanie Oliver, Ander Rennick, Evangeline Riddiford Graham, Richard Shepherd and Georgina Watson.

Launch at ST PAUL St Gallery: Wednesday 15 July, 5.30pm

Launch at The Physics Room: Friday 24 July, 5.30pm

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Reading Walking Writing (2015)

Published by The Physics Room
Edited by Abby Cunnane and Melanie Oliver
Proofread by Thomasin Sleigh
Designed by Ella Sutherland
Printed by Rainbow Print, Christchurch
120 x 210mm, perfect bound, 108pp
ISBN: 978–0–9864594–8–1

Richard Shepherd, Cass, 2015