Curated by Brendan Lee


02 Mar — 27 Mar 2004

PROJEKT is a quarterly video catalogue, which archives the work of gallery based artists working with video. The catalogue contains artworks which have been shown in a gallery context from established, mid career and emerging artists from Australia.

The PROJEKT Video catalogue has become an important collection of Australian video artworks from recent years, with the first 6 issues being distributed on VHS and utilized as a research tool by curators, galleries, students and artists.

Bringing together the first 6 issues of the archive for exhibition at the Physics Room, visitors will be able to watch the whole programme or navigate through the DVD menu to view their favourite works.

Curator Brendan Lee: "PROJEKT was conceived as a means of getting important Australian video works out to a wider audience. All of the videos included in PROJEKT have been tried and tested in the gallery system and have been recognised as being of national significance. These videos are to be used as a resource in gaining a broader knowledge of what is actually out there. Magazines and journals are great at capturing the static image, but what is there for video artists?"

PROJEKT has been supported by City of Melbourne and THE KINGS Artist Run Space. Gallery furniture has been generously supplied by Foam bar, 30 Bedford Row, Christchurch.


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