Past event

25 June 2006

Mini- FM Radio Transmitter Building Workshop

25 June 2006. Free entry.

Join radioqualia's Adam Hyde for a mini-FM transmitter building workshop at The Physics Room. This is a rare opportunity to engage with world renowned New Zealand new-media artist Adam Hyde to build your very own transmitter and experiment with the world of FM transmissions. The Kiosk will also feature a radio installation with a sound programme curated by Zita Joyce and Adam Willetts that will run from about 26 June to 17 July.

Hyde has worked closely in collaboration with Tetsuo Kogawa to present transmitter building workshops in the past. Kogawa is renowned for introducing free radio to Japan,and for his unique blend of criticism, performance and activism. Hyde has a special interest in streaming media, in both visual and audio contexts and has performed sound works in many real and virtual situations, most recently experimenting with remote, collaborative live internet sound performances. His practice is supported by a history of working in radio,television and web development and works together with Honor Harger on the hybrid net/.cast entity radioqualia.

TetsuoKogawa says:
"This is a workshop to experience what radio transmission is like. It would be a minimum experience of radio transmission that could be developed to radio art and even micro radio. The transmitter that the participant will make has only30 meter radius of transmission at best. But I hope people have a convivial wireless imagination."

Participants need to bring:

- a soldering iron (less than 30watts/220volts), small tweezers and small wire-cutter
- your own 9 volt battery
- a sound device like a CD player or MD player AND a FM portable radio receiver,so that after building the transmitter, you can test transmitting/receiving
The components, epoxy and solder will be provided by Adam at no charge.