Past event

Wednesday 24 October 5.30pm

Emerging technologies and alternatives to Capitalism

Wednesday 24 October 5.30pm. Free entry.

Emerging technologies and alternatives to Capitalism - Talk by Sionainn Byrnes
Wednesday 24 October 5.30pm - 6.30pm

Given that the internet has not delivered on promises of a disembodied utopia, where do we go from here? Sionainn Byrnes will discuss whether emerging technologies are paving the way for plausible alternatives to capitalism and, as a concurrent concern, whether gendered economies of labour and knowledge can be disrupted or continue to perpetuate existing systems of structural inequality. In order to investigate these questions Sionainn will be touching on hacking as a socialist practice, cryptocurrencies, and the so-called openness of ‘open’ platforms.

Sionainn Byrnes is a socialist feminist activist and PhD candidate at the University of Canterbury. She will be speaking in response to some of the underlying concepts at play in Biljana Popovic’s current exhibition Synthetic Baby.