Past event

26 February 2004

Thursday 26 February 2004

26 February 2004. Free entry.

A series of international performances for one-night only at the Physics Room, featuring.


Joel Stern

Australian sound artist, Joel Stern uses various approaches to electro-acoustic music, both in a compositional and freely improvised context. Typically he performs using field recordings, contact microphones, found objects, digital processing techniques and simple feedback systems, producing works which move openly between richly textural surface noise, investigations of acoustic space, and minute gestural detail.


Anthony Guerra

Originally from Sydney , but based in London since 1999, Anthony performs with electric guitar and electronics. He is part of ongoing collaborations including 'Broken Hands' and a duo with Joel Stern. Anthony and Joel were recently featured on the Ringtones compilation on Touch Records. Performances this year have included appearances at the Freedom of the City Festival ( London ) and the What Is Music? Festival (Sydney & Melbourne). Anthony also runs the label TwoThousandAnd with Michael Rodgers.


Rosy Parlane

Rosy Parlane first started playing music in Auckland in 1993, as drummer and pianist for the improvised rock trio Thela. Thela toured the USA & Australia , releasing two CDs on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label before disbanding in 1997. At this time Rosy was also working with Pit Viper and Marcel Bear's Empirical project, while also developing his solo material with a greater emphasis on electronics. In 1998 he formed the electronic duo Parmentier with fellow Thela member Dion Workman. Relocating to Melbourne the duo established their own record label Sigma Editions. Now back in New Zealand , Parlane has returned to solo compositions and released his second full CD release Getxo in 2002. His third solo release Iris will be released on the Touch label in March 2004.



Hailing from the Basque Country. Mattin uses computer & guitar feedback to accentuate the proccesual and instant character of the improvisation performance. Feedback is self generated and self sufficient. Much of Mattin's exploration in sound is rooted in contrast. The contrast of extreme high and low volumes, and between the digital and physical sound of the computer (exposing the monopoly of detached amplification in sound delivery).


Daniel Beban

Wellington musician Daniel Beban is currently living in London , performing regularly and working as co-producer of a weekly radio art show on Resonance FM. As a guitarist he has recorded and released albums with The Rubbernecks, The Slab and Sync/Shed, all released on the SpaceCDs label. He has also played guitar in a wide variety of punk/noise groups including The Deconstruction Unit, Gook Nation, Po Face, The Goatslappers and The Testes, and has collaborated with musicians from Java, Sumatra , China , Laos and with Maori music specialist Richard Nunns.


Bruce Russell

Based in Lyttelton, Bruce is known mainly for his involvement in NZ's longest-running improvisational 'post-rock' group, the Dead C., although he also performs and records as a solo artist and with the trio A Handful of Dust. He performs with both the electric guitar, which he abuses in a manner which shows scant respect for its honourable history, and with sundry electronic devices and analogue tapes - a modus operandi he has dubbed the 'obsolete analogue junkpile'. Bruce also runs the label Corpus Hermeticum.